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Hazard Awareness Training

Hazard Awareness Training Now Available Online!

West Coast Resource Services offers training and coaching programs to help identify and mitigate those hazards in the workplace that may potentially impact health. West Coast Resource Services offers these hazard awareness training services and programs -

  • Reasonable Suspicion Assessment Training

  • Reasonable Suspicion Assessment Coaching

  • Reasonable Suspicion Assessment Training and Coaching

In addition, we offer these related programs and services –


  • Incident Investigation Training for Frontline Managers

  • Safety Essentials for Frontline Managers

  • The DOT (The Department of Transportation) Awareness for Marine Terminal Staff –meets Federal regulations and training requirements delineated in 49 CFR § 172.702.

  • The Heart-Saver –includes First Aid, CPR & AED training.

Have a question for West Coast Resource Services? We welcome international inquiries and can be reached by email, telephone (562-824-0760), or online.

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