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Episode 2 "Safety Talk on the Dock" A Spark of Safety Inspiration in a Parking Lot

In Episode 2 of "Safety Talk on the Dock," ILWU members Pete Califano and Tim Monahan discuss "That's Right, Safety First" and workplace hazards from a crane operator's perspective.

The creation of "Safety Talk on the Dock" would not have been possible without Tim Monahan and Pete Califano. Many years ago, a discussion between myself, Tim, and Pete sparked the inspiration for this podcast. To understand how front-line workers and operators make decisions in a particular environment, it's critical to understand how they operate.

On January 19, 2012, ILWU Foreman Steve Saggiani lost his life in a tragic incident while performing his job as a longshoreman in Long Beach. Pete and Tim provide their perspectives on that incident and why "That’s Right, Safety First” was developed. The mission of “That’s Right, Safety First” is the prevention of injuries and death in our communities and waterfront through education and public awareness. Details for donations and sponsorship for “That’s Right, Safety First” are available here.

Donations can also be sent directly to:

“That’s Right, Safety First” c/o ILWU Local 94 411 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 303 San Pedro, CA 90731

Time Stamps [05:07] – Steve Saggiani incident [16:12] – Startup process for work and [23:53] Hazards in the workplace [24:53] – How do you keep your focus? [35:09] – As experienced operators and now a foreman, what do you want to convey to less experienced operators? [37:16] What do you want to convey to experienced operators? [40:29] How do you define a safe shift? [42:37] What makes you nervous at work?

Thank you to the Los Angeles Maritime Museum for letting us record Episode 2 of "Safety Talk on the Dock" at the Museum. It’s a privilege to record in such a historic space. The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 12:00 to 5:00. Consider donating to the Museum as your financial gifts help the Museum preserve and share the history of the Port of Los Angeles.

Do you want to share your process of work? Have an idea for future episodes? Send your ideas, thoughts, or comments to

Want to support "Safety Talk on the Dock"? Donations can be made through Paypal.

If you've listened, thank you!


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