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Podcast Alert! Safety Talk on the Dock now available for listening

A podcast dedicated to understanding the process of safe work on the waterfront.

The concept of a safe workplace and how to achieve a safe workplace often gets skewed. Safety is much more than rules, compliance, and regulations. There's a lot of aspects to safety but in its foundation, safety comes from operational work. Safety is about understanding how front-line workers made decisions in the environment that's provided to them.

Why should you care about this?

If you work on the waterfront in any capacity; longshoremen, foreman, clerk, superintendent, ops manager, and yes, even my fellow safety managers; this is about you, your safety and how you do your work. You should want to be a part of this podcast because before you in an opportunity to share your story and how you safely do your work. Communicating and sharing your best practices provides an opportunity for many to learn from. You can make a direct impact in a very positive way toward the safety and work habits of this industry.

Built for industry, by industry!


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